Attention to your body

Massage is one of the simplest and deepest forms of healing there is. Being touched is a human necessity of life. Simply to experience your physical being and preferably to enjoy it. The massages provided by Hartelust are mainly aimed at explicitly ‘being present’ and ‘standing still’ at changes observed in the body when you are touched.

Experiencing your body creates space to think and feel differently.

Hartelust is specialized in massaging men.


What you want to achieve with a massage can differ.

Relaxation of the muscles

Enjoying the touch, release stress

Experiencing the connection between, head, heart and genitals

Enjoying sexual energy without focus on cumming

Experience an anus and/or prostate massage


Before the massage, we discuss what you come for and which way of massaging contributes most to this for you. The masseur usually uses his whole body to massage. There is no ‘exchange of bodily fluids’ during the massage. Massage of the penis, balls and anus is optional ofcourse.


Being clean and hygienic is self-evident. For the masseur and the client.



There are regular short workshops to learn techniques of massaging and to practice under supervision. Workshops can also be organized on request.

Number of participants: 2 to 10 people.

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