Family Constellations and relationship constellations

Attention to where you come from and where you are

Your family of origin system is the basis of all your relationships. People are born and live in systems. Often unconscious loyalties and ties to your family system are visualized in a system setup. Understanding the dynamics of your family system helps you to make your relationships healthy. And keep them healthy.

The dynamics of a system can be made visible in a system set-up. The for the participant are important people in the system are loosely positioned apart. This is done by putting living representatives in the place of those important persons in an area that can draw the positions or floor anchors to denote the positions.

The relationships between the positions give clues about the dynamics and the balance of the system. Instructions for off balance sheet of the system are used to find a reordering that provides more peace to all individuals in the system. Unrest often occurs when systemic laws were violated by one or more persons within the system. Often find that infringements place with the best intentions or unaware of the system order.

Restoring balance in the order and / or the reality of the system order dare face the applicant helps to lead his own life independent and autonomous stand in his relationships.

  • Individual or pairs

    During an individual consultation, we propose a system family or a relationship system. We make use of floor anchors (pillows or paper) to indicate the positions in the system. The supervisor and the applicant giving a voice to the positions and examine the relationships between the positions. Advance is always discussed with the intent of the arrangement is put down.

  • Workshops

    There are regular short workshops to prepare a family system or a relationship system.
    As a participant in a workshop you yourself ask for a setup. It could also be that you will be asked to participate in an arrangement of one of the other participants. The choice is always yours. All participants together create the field where within the drawing takes place. Just be present at an arrangement of enlightening others for your own themes. On most setups is brief conversation in advance with the person whose system is involved. Especially to find out with what intention the arrangement is made, and what people seem relevant in the preparation of the applicant.

Number of participants: 4 to 12 people.

Dates : check our calendar.

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