VLAM Love Lounge

Attention for men

The VLAM meeting is since June 2014 an Achterhoek variant of the Love Lounge meetings initiated by the Authentic Eros and The Village / Stretch community in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Nurnberg.

The VLAM Love Lounge * is an opportunity to regularly create and enjoy community amongst gay, bi and transgender men. Similar to the content of the Authentic Eros / Stretch workshops it is a space of possibility shaped by the desires of those attending. This could include meditation, movement and bodywork, to deeply listen to each other, to learn to entrust our vulnerability to each other, to experiment with new ways of being or to just have fun.

The Doetinchem variant of the Love Lounge is open for men who have explored their way of being in traditions of Authentic Eros and for example Body Electric, Gaytantra or Gay Love Spirit. The VLAM meetings are also open for men who would like to find out what it is to meet other men in such an embedding. There is space for 16 men in the group.


Oft recurring program components:

  • Know each other rituals
  • Heart Circle (tell what your heart wants to share)
  • Meditation in various forms
  • Breath – and bodywork
  • Massage exchange


The program runs from 12:00 to 16:00. From 11.30 there is tea and coffee. Between 16:00 and 17:00 there is a cup of soup.


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* The name “Love Lounge” comes from a designated physical, cosy corner in the Authentic Eros workshops¬†with matrasses, blankets and pillows. During the workshop the function of the Love Lounge is to receive anyone who needs some time-out, who needs to rest, to process something, to make space to fully feel something, to journal about something or, if desired, to simply be held by someone. In this way participants can take care of themselves and still remain the same atmosphere and space as the rest of the group. Be your self In the Love Lounge, among others.

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